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Nachiket Nishant   •  Oct 06, 2018


Updated: Jan 05, 2019

Irrespective of how you are consuming it, tobacco use is always harmful to your health. The consumption of tobacco does not only affect your mouth, throat and lungs but your entire body. Whether it’s a cigarette, cigar, pipe or a hookah- there is no safe way to consume tobacco. Even though the consumption rates have come down, India remains to be the second largest consumer of Tobacco.


Why do people get addicted to Tobacco?

One of the main ingredients present in Tobacco is called Nicotine. This is known as a mood-altering drug because as soon as it reaches your brain, it makes you more energetic but only for a while. Now once the effect wears off, it leaves you feeling tired and creates urge for more. This substance is extremely habit forming and that is exactly why people find it so hard to quit smoking.

Now that you know why Tobacco is so addictive, here are the effects that it can have on your bodies:


The ill effects of Tobacco use and how SvarnaSaathi can help.

SvarnSaathi Helps


Central Nervous System:

Since Nicotine is so habit forming, once a person tries to quit- there are serious withdrawal symptoms like impairing one’s cognitive system.


Respiratory System

When you’re inhaling smoke, you are letting in elements that are dangerous to your lungs and body. Continued use of such smoke can lead to various health problems. Along with infections, this can lead to long term illnesses and even cancer.


Cardiovascular system

Smoking also leads to peripheral artery disease and can also lead to high blood pressure. It may even result in heart problems like stroke or even heart attacks.


Digestive system

Regular use of tobacco has been attributed to mouth, throat, larynx as well as oesophagus cancer. Even in cases where people only smoke and not inhale are at a high risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Other than the above-mentioned effects smoking has ill effects on your hair, skin, nails as well. It can even have adverse effects on your reproductive system. Not only this, passive smokers are prone to the same effects as the ones who are smoking.

The best possible scenario in such as case is altogether leaving such a habit but due to many reasons sometimes it’s hard and many times the victims fail to get rid of this habit all throughout their life. In such a case, Svarna Saathi (patent applied) comes as a saviour. With its all ingredients, like curcuminoids, piperine, lycopene its helps in preventing occurrence of especially oral cancers involving the mouth and throat. The presence of piperine helps to maintain adequate blood levels of curcumin for desired beneficial action that act as protective shield against cancer. The composition of Svarna Saathi is such that it acts a powerful natural anti-oxidant and protects the DNA from damage.